DIDIER RUEF | Photographer | Lugano, Switzerland


Didier Ruef, born in 1961, is based in Lugano, Switzerland and works as a freelance documentary photographer. Ruef’s photographs have been published in major international magazines and newspapers, such as Time, The Observer Magazine, Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, El Pais Semanal, Geo, Marie Claire, D La Republica, Der Spiegel, National Geographic Germany, Die Zeit, Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Ruef is the author of five books : Bauern am Berg – Offizin Verlag (in french Paysans de nos montagnes – Editions Monographic, in italian Vita di montagna – Edizioni Casagrande). Afrique Noire – Infolio Editions. Enfants Prisonniers – DiDé. Recycle, Labor et Fides (french – english) and Edizioni Casagrande (italian – german). Bestarium – QTI.

Website: www.didierruef.com

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