Our sessions at Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship 2017

Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship 2017

We have developed this fellowship program to build strong social documentary practices among emerging new photographers. Next 2 months, our monitors will work closely with fellows to help them in research, design, execution and production of their projects.

We are fortunate to have some of the great photographers monitoring this program. Our first session was monitored by three renowned photographers. Asim Rafiqui, he is Lahore based photographer. His work has been featured in international publications like National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. Wendy Marijnissen, she is a freelance documentary photographer from Belgium and also working on a book “In Praise of Shadows”  And Shah Zaman Bloch who is cinematographer, film photographer and founder of Pakistan Photo Festival.


Our fellowship session started with an introduction of Monitors and the fellows. Those who have been selected as fellows are working to highlight the most oppress social, economical and legal struggles of Pakistan through photography. It was very profound to listen to their stories of why they are doing these projects and why it is so important for them.

Their shining eyes, open heart, and passionate stories were telling that they have refused to become part of the herd and decided to swim against the tide and pursue their calling.

Asim Rafiqui talked the importance of the book. He also introduced the old and new photographers and their work. Later on, Wendy Marijnissen shared her experience of working in different countries, meeting with common people and survival stories of the pregnant women during the flood.

It was so great to see a great energy, learning environment, and passion, to bring change in the society. These two months are gonna be very exciting and full of challenges. We believe if you provide right training and tools to new people they can create wonders!

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Pakistan Photo Festival is the 1st international photography festival showcasing work of regional, national and international photographers, in Pakistan. Pakistan photo festival is a unique festival, which will call for the photography with narratives and stories of the globe. The idea is to introduce and cherish a unique form of Photography and to expose the various narratives on social, cultural, ethnic perspectives and distinct issues of human rights struggles and challenges.