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Shah Zaman Baloch

Founder and festival Director

Shah Zaman Baloch works to promote and explore his own culture in Pakistan. Graduating as a part of the pioneer batch of Film and TV National College of Art Pakistan in 2008, Shah Zaman Baloch is a passionate individual who believes in the medium of Film and Photography as the very essence of social change.  A well-reputed short film director, he has also served as a cinematographer, writer, editor and photographer for many Film and Art projects. He has been acknowledged and recognized for his talent and has received accolades in the form of international awards and scholarships. Shah Zaman is also a professional photographer with formidable knowledge.

Khadija Toor

Festival Coordinator

Khadija Toor is a visual artist who moved to the United Arab Emirates at the age of four, lived between various cities in the UAE, and Toronto, with occasional stints in New York in her college years. She received her B.A. in Visual Arts from New York University Abu Dhabi and worked as a graphic designer for a year at a social research think tank. Khadija has always been passionate about social issues, especially the ones circulating around her country of origin. To strengthen her connection with her roots, and to re-establish her identity as Pakistani, she creates work around social issues plaguing the country that she hopes will foster dialogue and possibly spark change.

Midhat Abbas

USA Festival Coordinator

Interdisciplinary approach toward arts helped me broaden my scope, approach and experience towards meaningful living. Being an 80’s kid I felt a strong kinship with the digital revolution and that’s how my art practice transitioned from paint and brush to camera and video. Relationship with space and time in the context of culture and religion played a vital role in my processes. Geopolitical theater added fuel to my imagination. In such an atmosphere I was lucky enough to develop projects that integrated arts with education paving the way for the future generations.

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Pakistan Photo Festival is the 1st international photography festival showcasing work of regional, national and international photographers, in Pakistan. Pakistan photo festival is a unique festival, which will call for the photography with narratives and stories of the globe. The idea is to introduce and cherish a unique form of Photography and to expose the various narratives on social, cultural, ethnic perspectives and distinct issues of human rights struggles and challenges.