Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship

2017 Mentors

Wendy Marijnissen

Documentary photographer

Wendy Marijnissen is a freelance documentary photographer from Belgium.  Intuition and personal interests have always played a major role in her work and naturally guided Wendy to her subjects.In 2008 she completed a long-term reportage in Israel and Palestine, using music to show a different side of daily life in this violent and conflicted region.In the summer of 2009 she covered the East-Jerusalem evictions and later that year traveled to Pakistan for the first time. For the following 3 years she worked in Pakistan focusing mainly on photographing the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth there. From fistula, traditional midwives to a camp pregnancy after the devastating flood in 2010 which displaced millions of people in the country. A part of this work was used for the ‘End fistula campaign’ of the UNFPA.

In 2015 she returned to Pakistan twice to continue working on what now will become her first book ‘In Praise of Shadows’ and she founded the non profit organization ‘Bending The Frame’, which tries to create new platforms and finds ways to bring strong photography out into the world.