Photography has emerged to become the most used medium for storytelling and information dissemination. Pakistan Photo Festival (PPF) is created as a platform to present Pakistan thru visual media to mark our presence in the arena of photo festivals around the globe. Moreover, we want to help artists to connect with audiences, critics and curators.

The festival is to promote and exhibit the work of emerging photo artists, contemporary photographers, visual storytellers, photojournalists, professionals, and multidisciplinary artists in the field of photography and visual arts.

A jury of experts (domestic & international) will select photographs of different genres, approaches, and styles in sync with the pre-defined theme, all to reflect the ambitious, innovative and contemporary in photography today.

The program includes artist-talks, workshops, seminars, photo walks, modular outdoor photo installations inviting residents, tourists and all photo enthusiasts. All outdoor exhibitions can be enjoyed at any time of the day, free of charge!


Why Pakistan Photo Festival

No serious vision or effort in Pakistan to establish Photography as a known discipline of academia, story telling and arts. Photojournalism exists in Pakistan but no or less work yet done under documentary photography. Tool of photography has reached the common because of technological accessibility but the seriousness of art and narrative has not yet evolved



Pakistan becoming a major hub of photography through hosting of International Photography Festival annually.


Following are the main aims and objectives of Pakistan photo Festival;

  • To institutionalize art of photography as a serious medium for academia, story telling and arts
  • To fulfill the gap of documentary photography in Pakistan
  • To bridging the gaps between Pakistan and global community through showcasing Photographic stories
  • To understand and connect human conditions around globe through visual literacy among masses.
  • To celebrate photography in Pakistan on annual basis
  • To represent Pakistan in global photographic platform