The foundation of PPF was laid by Shah Zaman Baloch in 2016. PPF celebrated its first edition in 2018 with the Pakistan Photo-festival Fellowship Exhibition. It celebrates national and international photographic talents as well as international still-image practitioners and artists to mentor to PPF sessions. We are presenting and correcting the missing photographic narrative of Pakistan and South Asia.

Pakistan Photo Festival (PPF) is created as a platform to present Pakistan through photography and image culture globally and to mark our presence in the arena of photo festivals around the globe. We want to support our artists critically, analytically and practically to help and connect them with their target audiences, critics and curators.



The festival is to promote and exhibit the work of lens-based still image emerging artists, contemporary photographers, press photographers, documentary photographers/ photojournalists, and multidisciplinary practitioners who work in the medium of photography. This platform is open for everyone to celebrate, debate photography in Pakistan.



PPF is committed to exhibit and produce unbiased work and provide a safe environment for everyone who it comes into contact with.  If you have a project, narrative or anything else you want to discuss with us confidentially, you can email us at info@pakistanphotofestival.com



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