It’s about time we take control of our narrative and tell our own stories with our own lens.

Pakistan photo festival

Photography has emerged to become the most used medium for storytelling and information dissemination. Pakistan Photo Festival (PPF) is created as a platform to present Pakistan thru visual media to mark our presence in the arena of photo festivals around the globe. Moreover, we want to help artists to connect with audiences, critics and curators.

The festival is to promote and exhibit the work of emerging photo artists, contemporary photographers, visual storytellers, photojournalists, professionals, and multidisciplinary artists in the field of photography and visual arts.


Pakistan photo festival

fellowship Program

Pakistan is located in a region, which has faced great political, economic and religious strife for the past two decades. Under every stone is a story that has the potential to inspire, move and awe. For too long the story of Pakistan and its people has been conveyed to the world through a foreign lens that is more than often skewed. It’s about time we take control of our narrative and tell our own stories with our own lens.


ppf 2017 fellowship projects

Knitted Beliefs

Narayanpura was established in 1824 by a Hindu activist named Narayandas. Today, it houses hundreds of thousands of workers of Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) employed in janitorial services – a job that seems to be unofficially reserved for the “poor” minorities of the country.  The nature of these jobs has ended up giving the unfortunate name “Bhangi Para” to the area by many locals. 


Industry of Dissolving Portraits

As per Pakistani law, any person aged above 60 is considered a senior citizen. While the Pakistani government is funding its social welfare department, it goes nowhere beyond money. There is nothing being done for the functioning organizations of nursing homes, as can be seen from the case of Heaven Old Age Home.


Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship 2018 Exhibition

“the masses in our country, such as those that travel by the metro [bus] would never have the opportunity to experience art. this photo exhibition is meant for them. with a footfall of over 20,000 individuals per day at this one station alone, the venue fulfills its purpose of exposing the average pakistani to photo journalism and art.”.