Pakistan Photo festival fellowship 2nd edition Mentors


Cédric Gerbehaye

2021 Mentor Cédric Gerbehaye Cédric Gerbehaye is a Belgian documentary photographer born in Brussels in 1977 and a founding member of MAPS Agency. He is the author of the books…

Fatemeh Behboudi

2021 Mentor Fatemeh Behboudi Fatemeh Behboudi is an Iranian photojournalist and Documentary photographer and her story ‘Mothers of Patience’ was honorable mention in World Press Photo 2015. Photo Contest, Contemporary…
Monteleone @LorenzoPoli-01

Davide Monteleone

2021 Mentor Davide Monteleone Davide Monteleone is a photographer and a researcher whose work spans image-making, visual journalism, writing and other disciplines. Reoccurring themes include geopolitics, geography, identity, data, and…

Mariella Furrer

2021 Mentor Mariella Furrer Mariella Furrer is a Swiss/Lebanese photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Kenya. She is the of author of My Piece of Sky: Stories of Child Sexual…

Simon Norfolk

2021 Mentor Simon Norfolk Simon Norfolk is a landscape photographer whose work over twenty years has been themed around a probing and stretching of the meaning of the word ‘battlefield’…

Bharat Choudhary

2021 Mentor Bharat Choudhary Bharat Choudhary is an independent photographer and filmmaker based in London, UK. He grew up in Nigeria and later moved to India where he studied Forestry…

Asim Rafique

2021 Mentor Asim Rafique Asim Rafique is an independent photographer whose work has been featured in publications such as National Geographic (France), Stern (Germany), The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Newsweek,…

Shah Zaman Baloch

2021 Mentor Shah Zaman Baloch Shah Zaman is an independent freelance filmmaker, photographer and the director of Pakistan Photo Festival. Former  resident of at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto Italy, won an award…

Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship 2017 Projects

Pakistan photo festival fellowship 2017 is a two-months long program hosted by PakistanPhotoFestival for Pakistani photographers who are interested in documentary photography and photojournalism.


The Fellowship will be awarded to the 15 Pakistani photographers every year to undertake the 8-months long photography project under the supervision of Internationally recognized photographers. They will provide ongoing mentorship throughout the two-months. During two-months long residency program every photographer will produce body of work individually in the field of documentary photography/photojournalism. All work will be exhibited in the Pakistan Photo Festival’s annual event.


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