Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship Program 2017

The goal of the fellowship is to help build a stronger social documentary photography practice in Pakistan by helping selected students work on issue-based multi-media projects that highlight some of the most pressing social, economic, legal and rights struggles in the country. Those selected will be assigned a mentor throughout the duration of the fellowship, who will work closely with the student through the various phases of the project – research, design, execution and production. The fellowship will create an understanding and appreciation of documentary photography and photojournalism in Pakistani society at very grassroots level.

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Five Pounds in My Pocket

I came to this country with five pounds in my pocket From Pakistan to Birmingham- Stories of New Beginnings PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT | BY Shaista Chishti   Migration has brought about, and continues to be responsible for, some of the most momentous social, economic, and political changes in the contemporary world. Over the…


Knitted Beliefs

Knitted Beliefs Inside Narayanpura – Pakistan’s Biggest Minorities Compound PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT BY |  Salman Alam Khan In the neighborhood of Karachi’s Ranchore Lines, there lies a small India of diverse people, colors and faiths, Narayanpura, a place with a very distinct feel and mesmerizing culture to it which sets it apart as…


From the Metro Bus; Uncommon Stories of the Common People

From the Metro Bus; Uncommon Stories of the Common People PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT BY | FAIZAN AHMAD The story Pakistani multi- media tells about its common people has been almost the same in past 17 years. These channels are massively overtaken by politicians, businesses and religious scholars. And the average common person is represented…


Industry of Dissolving Portraits

Industry of Dissolving Portraits PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT BY |  FAIZAN ADIL Nursing homes have now become a growing industry in Pakistan, and this phenomenon is rising partly because of a rise in globalization, modernization, and urbanization. It is true that industrialization and modernization have created new job opportunities, but at the same time, it…


Shadow Lives

Shadow Lives PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT BY|  Nida Ahmed The Ahmadi community has been persecuted in Pakistan since the early years of the country’s formation but the discrimination was further institutionalised when changes were made in 1973 constitution that declared them non Muslims under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.Constitutional changes criminalised the religious practices of Ahmadis by…

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The Past that Couldn’t be

The Past that Couldn’t be PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL FELLOWSHIP PROJECT | BY Ramis Abbas It would not be easy today for a student in Pakistan to imagine a kind of campus where students have a collective, consolidated and legal political space. This was how the public-sector universities were before the 1980s. At that time, students…


Conversations in Transit

Conversations in Transit PAKISTAN PHOTO FESTIVAL  FELLOWSHIP PROJECT BY |  Maryam Altaf The project explores the idea of a shared economy in Pakistan. The inquiry began by looking at the demographics within a particular app-based taxi hailing service and has henceforth, become part of a wider investigation into the privatized economy and what role the state…


Scavenging for Wealth

Scavenging for Wealth BY Aziz Changezi Pakistan generates 20 million tons of solid waste every year. While the nation lacks a well-defined waste management system, local families have found a way to make a living out of recycling in the specific areas of Karachi Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Surj Rani Town, Nazimabad & Lyari Express. Every morning trucks…
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The Walled Street Journal

The Walled Street Journal Life inside a gated community BY EMA ANIS Look at advertisements of gated communities, and you’ll see the promise of not just a home but heaven: a complete privileged, upper-class and secure lifestyle. But while this lifestyle seems ideal, there are larger insidious issues the physical barriers erected by gated communities…
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An ode to the brilliant mentors who made PPF Fellowship possible

Pakistan Photo Festival Fellowship became successful owing to the brilliant mentors who led the way for the young photographers who participated in our months-long rigorous exercise. If there was ample dedication on the fellows’ part, there was also unparalleled devotion from the mentors as well, who put in their time, effort and energies into polishing…

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Pakistan Photo Festival is the 1st international photography festival showcasing work of regional, national and international photographers, in Pakistan. Pakistan photo festival is a unique festival, which will call for the photography with narratives and stories of the globe. The idea is to introduce and cherish a unique form of Photography and to expose the various narratives on social, cultural, ethnic perspectives and distinct issues of human rights struggles and challenges.