Knitted Beliefs

In the neighborhood of Karachi’s Ranchore Lines, there is a small India of diverse people, colors & faith, Narayanpura, a place with a very distinct feel and mesmerizing culture to it. Its the biggest minority compound of Pakistan. It consists of 15,000 people from different religions living with their Muslim neighbours. There are three Hindu Temples, two Christian Churches, and a Sikh Gurdwara.

It was Established in 1924 by a Hindu activist named Narayandas which still exists. It was built for the workers of KMC (Karachi Municipal Corporation) who work in municipal sanitary services, the reason a lot of people refer to Narayan Pura as Bhangi Pada. For centuries, Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs have been living next to each other, celebrating each other’s festival as their own. During Christmas, Holi, and Besakhi, everyone participated in the celebrations regardless of their faith. The neighbourhood has three temples, three churches, and an impressive Gurdwara.






Project by Salman Alam Khan






We will be exhibiting all these projects at Kalma Chowk Metro station and Canal Metro station Lahore Pakistan.

We would be pleased to have you at our exhibition and to share our overwhelming experience with you.

The event is open for public – Everyone’s invited!

February 17 – February 19
7 AM to 10 PM


Phone: +92 333 4256880

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Pakistan Photo Festival is the 1st international photography festival showcasing work of regional, national and international photographers, in Pakistan. Pakistan photo festival is a unique festival, which will call for the photography with narratives and stories of the globe. The idea is to introduce and cherish a unique form of Photography and to expose the various narratives on social, cultural, ethnic perspectives and distinct issues of human rights struggles and challenges.