Scavenging for Wealth

Scavenging for Wealth

BY Aziz Changezi

Pakistan generates 20 million tons of solid waste every year. While the nation lacks a well-defined waste management system, local families have found a way to make a living out of recycling in the specific areas of Karachi Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Surj Rani Town, Nazimabad & Lyari Express. Every morning trucks dump massive amounts of waste in the outskirts of the locations. The residents of theses area are living under impoverished conditions, gather around to sort the trash. It’s a family affair. Parents and siblings all contribute to the task of sifting trash through the piles in search of metallic objects, plastic containers, etc. which are then sold to run the house. Although a source of income, the task is not without its hazards. Due to financial instability and fall of human rights children can be seen running around bare feet on trash. It’s their play area, it’s their livelihood. While the Industrials and corporate organizations spirit are in the quest for making a lot of money and hiding the scars of their products left in the city which is also risking residing life of Karachi

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Pakistan Photo Festival is the 1st international photography festival showcasing work of regional, national and international photographers, in Pakistan. Pakistan photo festival is a unique festival, which will call for the photography with narratives and stories of the globe. The idea is to introduce and cherish a unique form of Photography and to expose the various narratives on social, cultural, ethnic perspectives and distinct issues of human rights struggles and challenges.