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Massimo Berruti

Massimo Berruti (1979) is documentary photographer, university lecturer and researcher collaborating with international media such as National the Geographic and the New York Times. As a documentary photographer, he is strongly involved in geopolitical and social dynamics, which he addresses through a deep humanist approach. Professional since 2005, he has been honoured with numerous international awards such as the W. Eugene Smith grant Fellowship, 2 WPP awards, the Carmignac Grant and a VISA D’Or award, among many others. His images have been exhibited at international festivals such as VISA POUR L’IMAGE, Le Rencontres d’Arles and PARIS PHOTO. His images are a permanent part of the Carmignac collection, the MAXXI museum in Rome and the Farnesina Collection. He is one of the Founding Members of MAPS collective, gathering world renowned artists and creatives looking to push the boundaries of storytelling.

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John Trotter

2023 Mentor John Trotter A native of Missouri, I worked as a newspaper photojournalist for fourteen years, on stories large and small, local and international. I photographed people and events ranging from local high school athletes to national political conventions and documented the United States’ military interventions in Panama, Haiti and Somalia. Then, on a

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Sangsuk Sylvia Kang

2023 Mentor Sangsuk Sylvia Kang “Sangsuk Sylvia Kang is a photographer, journalist, and Photo Editor at TIME Magazine. From Seoul and based in New York City, Sylvia has served as a juror for World Press Photo, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism, British Journal of Photogaphy’s Portrait of Humanity awards, and most recently, TIME’s first photography contest

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Sanjit Das

2023 Mentor Sanjit Das Sanjit Das is a photo editor with Bloomberg News. Sanjit assigns photographic assignments in the Southeast Asia region, co-curates the Bloomberg website and collaborate with reporters, editors and multi-disciplinary photographers. Prior to working as a photo editor, Sanjit worked as a freelance photographer and was represented globally by Panos Pictures. He

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Cédric Gerbehaye

2023 Mentor Cédric Gerbehaye Cédric Gerbehaye is a Belgian documentary photographer born in Brussels in 1977 and a founding member of MAPS Agency. He is the author of the books Congo in Limbo, Land of Cush, Sète#13 and D’entre eux.. His work received several international recognitions (The Olivier Rebbot Award from the Overseas Press Club of America,

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Shah Zaman Baloch

2023 Mentor Shah Zaman Baloch Shah Zaman is an independent freelance filmmaker, photographer and the Founder/Director of Pakistan Photo Festival. Former  resident of at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto Italy, won an award at Asian film academy at Busan international film festival South Korea, wiki heritage, work screened at Cannes short film corner France. 

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The project takes a deeper look at animal rights and abuse in Pakistan, principally in the context of stray dogs and their shelter homes. This project unravels the psychological, social and economic realities of how stray dogs are perceived by different strata of the society – who rescues them, and who adopts them. In another perspective he is also critically analyzing the humane and inhumane nature of people through the lens of dogs’ living conditions. Whereas humans and dogs coexist in this world, yet the latter are considered impure and inhabitants of a parallel dystopian world. This theoretical and photographic enquiry demonstrates stories from their faithfulness, isolation, poetic romanticism and human.

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