2021 projects


The project takes a deeper look at animal rights and abuse in Pakistan, principally in the context of stray dogs and their shelter homes. This project unravels the psychological, social and economic realities of how stray dogs are perceived by different strata of the society – who rescues them, and who adopts them. In another perspective he is also critically analyzing the humane and inhumane nature of people through the lens of dogs’ living conditions. Whereas humans and dogs coexist in this world, yet the latter are considered impure and inhabitants of a parallel dystopian world. This theoretical and photographic enquiry demonstrates stories from their faithfulness, isolation, poetic romanticism and human.

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Tracing gems of Hope

At the elevation of around 14000 feet in Nagar valley Hunza lies the mighty Chumar Bakoor mines where miners of Summayar have been trying their luck from the past 40 years. However, the luck has not always been on their side leaving them without any gain, in some cases for around 10 years. Their whole lives revolve around the blasts inside the mines every day waiting for their luck to shine in the form of semi-precious stones.

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Inside a Community- Narrating the untold stories of a community

A look into the future of Ismailis in Gwadar through memories of past and events of present. Ismailis, are one of the oldest communities in Gwadar. They represent their involvement in each and every aspect of Gwadri society. Ismailis are no doubt, carry their own codes of life along with cultural and religious practices in this under developed city.

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